The Lindskov Family Ranch
Family Owned for 79 Years

         Started in 1934 by William James Lindskov, better known as Bill to everyone who knew him, the Lindskov Ranch is one of South Dakota's largest and most diversified family farming and ranching operations. Bill passed on in 1981, but his legacy of sound ranching, farming and true heartedness continues on in his son Les Lindskov. With his wife Marcia and four sons Monte and Mindy Lindskov, Bryce and Tennile Lindskov, Mark and Jessica Lindskov, and Todd Lindskov the ranch has thrived with cattle and wildlife. Over the years the Lindskovs have planted over 150,000 trees and farmed cropland exclusively for wildlife habitat. With sound management the Lindskov Family has proven that farming, ranching, and wildlife can all thrive as one.

         The Lindskov Ranch is predominantly high plains grassland spread throughout mostly Corson, Dewey, and Ziebach Counties in Northwestern South Dakota.  The Grand River and Moreau River breaks and draws  and vast never ending grass flats make for some of North Americas greatest Sharptail Grouse and Hungarian Partridge Hunting any where.

         The Lindskov Family farm's many thousands of acres for alfalfa hay and other small grain crops such as; millet, milo, winter and spring wheat, garbanzo beans (chick peas), sunflowers and corn. With these crops spread in boundless quantity’s throughout the ranch, it has made for some of the most spectacular Ringneck Pheasant hunting anywhere in the world. By leaving some of every crop unharvested on the edge of all of these grain fields, the wildlife has flourished for decades.